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How Bollywood celebs can save themselves from Cobrapost-like sting operations!

Dale Bhagwagar

Controversies like Cobrapost stings dent celeb reputations. Celebs need to earn big bucks from time to time, to support their brand and lifestyle, and maintain their larger-than-life aura. Such controversies when unchecked, slow down business opportunities for celebs and that's not a good thing, says Mumbai-based PR guru Dale Bhagwagar. Even

Manikarnika Producer Kamal Jain’s exclusive quote on Manikarnika controversy regarding Krish and Kangana over directorial credits!


“Its very sad how Krish is trying to claim credit for what he doesn’t deserve, it was mine and studio’s collective decision to give credits the way they are, to attack Kangana who stood by the film from beginning to end is very sad, whatever she did she could have

Kangana was born to play Jhansi ki Rani- Veteran bollywood actor Manoj Kumar!


Veteran and legendary actor Manoj Kumar has given us memorable films with his iconic performances in bollywood films and his impactful acting and characters are still remembered by everyone even today. He is also known as Manoj Bharat Kumar. He is the pioneer of patriotic films in India which includes his