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In Conversations with Vijay Kumar

In Conversations with Vijay Kumar

Do you remember character Tetar Singh from Television show Nimki Mukhiya?  He is Vijay Kumar who is not only known for his awe-inspiring performances but also for his brilliantly delivered dialogues. The multi-talented actor, also a renowned name in the theatre in a breezy talk gets candid with us…

Q.You have done theatre, Television and now films. What is the difference you feel working in this space and which one is close to your heart?

A. I have started my career with theatre and it is very close to my heart. In theatre, you get instant appreciation through a live audience. While working in Television and films we try to do give our 100 per cent. I want to keep doing theatre, films as well as Television.

Q.Did you have any apprehensions prior to signing up for the film Kaagaz?

A. No, I didn’t have any doubts about taking up the quirky, black comedy Kaagaz because it was so different and unique. I got a very good feeling about this. Then, there was no looking back and no point of doubt because I was too sure of what I feel. So, it was a big yes from everywhere.

Q. Could you elaborate your character in this film?

A. I am playing a powerful character of Sarpanch. Playing such type of character with Pankaj Tripathi is a dream come true for me. Viewers will like the Sarpanch in his different avatar.

Q. The concept of this film is really attractive. What are your thoughts on it?

A. Kaagaz is a unique biographical drama film featuring Pankaj Tripathi, Monal Gajjar and Amar Upadhyay.  The concept of the film is based on life and struggle of Lal Bihari, a farmer from a small village in Azamgarh (U.P) who was declared dead on official papers. The film reportedly depicts a common man’s humorous journey on identity crisis.

Q. How was your experience working with award-winning actor Pankaj Tripathi?

A. Working experience with multi-talented Pankaj Tripathi has been very good. Always very cooperative and good to work with. It is a dream come true for me.

Q. What precautions you are taking on a personal front while on the shoot?

A. I think being extra careful has become a lifestyle now and everybody is so used it. When we reach set, we get our routine check-ups done. I think this all has now become a routine and we have to be extra careful on the set. A lot of precautions are being taken and I feel secure and safe when I am at the shoot.

Q. How is the response of your show Lockdown Ki Love Story?

A. Shot in tough days of lockdown, the widely appreciated television show Lockdown Ki Love Story got praise from the viewers. I am satisfied with this show.

Q. You are working with Sara Ali Khan in Atrangi Re. How is the feeling?

A. Sara Ali Khan is a young star who is coming up with brilliant performance in Atrangi Re and other forthcoming films. Working with her was a good experience. She always gives her best. This is her quality.

Q. How do you cope up with the expectations that your fans have from you?

A. The love of my fans always motivates and pushes everyone to the next level. Magical energy comes from that love which makes me deliver whatever they are expecting from me or whatever would bring a bigger smile on their face.

Q. Besides acting, what else keeps you busy?

A. While working in Television you have no spare time because before the shoot you have to get ready in the dressing room. Anyhow when I get time I spend it with my family.

Q. Recently you were shooting in Jabalpur. Can you share us details of the film?

A. I was in Jabalpur for the shooting of murder mystery Gubbar for an enthusiastic group comprising director Shridhar and my student Ashotosh Khare. I am playing an investigator in this film. We can say it is a powerful film.

Q. Is there any dream role in your mind that you would like to do one day?

A. I would like to play power-packed social, political satirical challenging characters and also grey shades roles in my career.