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Bollywood Couch in Conversation with Mukesh Khanna

Bollywood Couch in Conversation with Mukesh Khanna

1. Who inspired you to be an Actor from your family?

Mukesh Khanna:- Honestly speaking no one in my family wanted me to be an actor. In fact, during my student life I wanted to be an Engineer.

But my elder brother wanted to be an actor, and that ‘inspired me to be what I am today! After my school, I had taken admission in L.L.B. and completed the course whereas I also completed the Acting Course from FTII, Pune. That way I was a sincere student 

2. What’s your take on the younger generation of the country?

Mukesh Khanna:- When I was doing “Shaktiman’’ I tried to impart some social and educational message to the younger generation like, sitting straight by keeping your spine in order, to walk straight etc. Such right activities develop the physical and mental energy for the young generation but it was way back in the late 90s. Now, the new generation is very much attracted to the gazette, mobile etc which keep them away from Social Touch. I feel troubled to see them disconnected and disassociate from Nature, Society and family: I sincerely want to stop it.

3. What are your other areas of Interest beside Acting? Is it Music or Literature?

Mukesh Khanna:- I am interested in reading books. My favourite book is “Gita’’ I have read “Mahabharata’’ in brief.

4. How did Bhishma happen?

Mukesh Khanna:- For “Mahabharata’’ director B.R. Chopra offered me the role of “Durjyodhana’’. But I out down the offer as I was not keen to play Negative role on screen. I was keen to portray the character of “Dronacharya’’. Hence, I requested the director to offer me the role of “Dronacharya’’ but B.R. Chopra had some other plan in mind as he knew I am only keen to portray a positive character, he finally offered me the role of “Bhisma’’ and rest is history.

5. Do you think a Nation can progress through Education and Culture?

Mukesh Khanna:- Education and Culture are the backbone of any nation. Fortunately, India is known for its Culture and education globally. Education built up the moral character of mankind.

6. If not an Actor, which profession you would have chosen?

Mukesh Khanna:- I would have been a Plastic Engineer.

7. What is your favourite food?

Mukesh Khanna:- I am a vegetarian. I am very much fond of “Bengan Bharta’’.

8. Are you open to Regional Film?

Mukesh Khanna:- Language is the main barrier for me. I acted in Bengali films but could not pick up the language well. Found trouble in dialogue delivery.

9. What was your experience working with legendary B.R. Chopra?

Mukesh Khanna:- I shared a very good rapport with B R Chopra. We worked together for years. I also share a very cordial relation with his brother Ravi Chopra.

10. Any inspiration in life?

Mukesh Khanna:- There is no ideal person as such. But I make it a point to follow and analyse my plus points and negative points. I believe in going forward with positive thinking.

11. Your opinion about life?

Mukesh Khanna:- Life is full of struggle. Lord Krishna says in “ Gita’’ that work is life and not to be eager for
a good result. The good path is the final goal to reach a high peak.