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Between Delhi and Mumbai, Prachi Tehlan’s love for rains never changed!

Between Delhi and Mumbai, Prachi Tehlan’s love for rains never changed!


Rainy season brings along the addictive smell of wet soil, cool breeze that refreshes all the senses, and a lot of childhood memories that remind you of the good old times. And it’s not just us, but the rising star Prachi Tehlan also gets nostalgic thinking about how she danced under the pouring water while gorging on the spicy pakodas.


This Delhi girl has always been fond of the rainy season as it would give a sense of relief from the scorching summers. “I still remember, as kids we used to block all the water passages on the terrace for the rainwater to accumulate. This would become our water pool to dance and enjoy. Not just that, I also used to play basketball while getting drenched in the rainwater.”

But Prachi feels that rains in Mumbai are a lot different and fun in its own way. “The pace of the city just doesn’t slow down even if it rains continuously for days. I believe, other than the traffic, nothing about the Mumbai monsoon is troublesome. And if focused a little more on the infrastructure of this city, it can easily take the kind of monsoon it experiences – without causing much trouble to the residents,” she adds.


While most of us would sit beside a window and enjoy the unrivaled beauty of nature, Tehlan loves to sleep under the fan in this cool weather, while it rains outside.

“But if I am out for work, I prefer to sit in a nice cafe and read a book,” she mentions.

Revealing what’s there in her wardrobe for this monsoon, Prachisays, “I ONLY wear crocs during rains as they are very comfortable. I also make sure that I wear synthetic fibers. These clothes are less water absorbing, lightweight and save me from the chilled air.

Though the actress is quite busy with work meetings and shoots, she makes sure not to miss the fun. But Prachi’s definition of ‘fun; is a little different. “Rainy season for me is a little slow and lazy season wherein I just want to relax at home and chill with family, listening to some good music, binge watching a series or reading a good book. Currently, I am enjoying all of it together. I make sure to take a day off every two days so as to stay at home and do all of this,” she says.

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