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PK Lele A Salesman entered Successfully in 3rd week all over more than 15 Cinemas

PK Lele A Salesman poster

Last week it’s cinemas was become less due to Zero and now Simmba released today so, the movie PK Le Le A Salesman couldn’t get more screens. But the screen will be increased next coming few days and also the film will be released rest prominent cinemas in rest centres along with Delhi-UP and Punjab Territory in January.

This is a small Budget Bollywood comedy drama Film and off course a Hit film at the Box office. Who have watched the film from start to end, appreciated and the film is running successfully of mouth publicity. Actor director Manav Sohal promoting his movie to sell undergarments on the roads and near cinemas ticket windows in Mumbai in his filmy getup. He will do this type promotion of his movie from Mumbai to Surat, Baroda, Jaipur, Ajmer, Delhi, Chandigarh and Lucknow and will go to there in same getup before release to promote the movie.

PK LeLe A Salesman
Entered in 3rd week all over 15 screens
Censor: A Certificate
Budget: ₹ 1.95 Crore
Box Office Collections of Two week Grand Total: ₹. 3,40,66,590/_
Witnessed growth on
Day1Fri. ₹. 32,81,250/_
Day2 Sat. ₹. 43,13,750/_
Day3 Sun. ₹. 54,33,450/_
First weekend ₹. 1,30,28,450/_
Day4 Mon. ₹. 25,58,750/_
Day5 Tue. ₹. 24,47,500/_
Day6 Wed. ₹. 23,36,250/_
Day7 Thu. ₹. 21,80,500/_
One week Total ₹. 2,25,51,450/_ in (178 screens).
2nd week
Day1 Fri. ₹. 16,83,500/_
Day2 Sat. ₹. 16,73,880/_
Day3 Sun. ₹. 17,50,840/_
2nd weekend ₹. 51,08,220/_ in 52 cinemas
(Total BO Collections ₹.2,82,59,670/_ in 2nd weekend)
Day4 Mon. ₹. 15,87,300/_
Day5 Tue. ₹. 16,45,020/_
Day6 Wed. ₹. 15,96,920/_
Day7 Thu. ₹. 15,77,680/_
2nd week BO collection ₹. 1,15,15,140/_ (In 52 Cinemas.)
BO Collections of two week Grand Total ₹. 3,40,66,590/_ India biz.

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