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‘Dashmi’ Set to Make a Bold Statement: Receives UA Certificate, Release Date Confirmed for February 16th

'Dashmi' Release Date Confirmed for February 16th

In a cinematic landscape hungry for narratives that challenge societal norms and ignite conversations, the upcoming film ‘Dashmi’ stands as a beacon of change. With its powerful trailer and a bold exploration of contemporary issues, the film has garnered a UA certificate and anticipation ahead of its release on February 16th.

“Burai Par Achaai Hai Ko Toh Vijayi Hona Hi Hai, Yug Koi Bhi Hai Ram Rajya Toh Aane Hi Hai!” These resounding words from the trailer encapsulate the essence of ‘Dashmi,’ the first Bollywood venture to courageously confront the pervasive issue of rape in society, transcending barriers of caste, creed, and religion.

Directed by Shantanu Tambe, ‘Dashmi’ presents a poignant narrative that delves deep into the urgent need for moral rectitude in today’s society. Tambe’s vision aims to illuminate the prevalent injustices, igniting discourse that champions the triumph of virtue over vice.

The film offers glimpses into a society entangled in moral conflicts, with shades of gray defining the battle between good and evil. With an ensemble cast including Vardhan Puri, Gaurav Sareen, Monika Chaudhary, Khushi Hajare, and others, ‘Dashmi’ promises to bring multifaceted characters to life in this riveting narrative.

The powerful tagline, “Aao Kalyug Ke Dashmi Mein Kalyugi Raavan Ko Milkar Jalaate Hain,” serves as a rallying call against contemporary evils, echoing the ethos of vanquishing darkness with collective goodness.

As ‘Dashmi’ gears up for release, audiences eagerly await its portrayal of how virtue prevails over vice in the modern-day Ram Rajya. With a UA certification secured, the film is set to spark conversations and challenge conventions, advocating for societal metamorphosis.

‘Dashmi’ on February 16th, promises to be a transformative cinematic experience that resonates with the urgency to combat the escalating instances of rapes across society.