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“Truly grateful to be able to celebrate our very first Diwali with Avyaan,” says Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza very first Diwali with Avyaan

The actor welcomed her son along with husband Vaibhav this year and this will be her first Diwali as a wife and mother

This year added many new dimensions to the life of actor, producer and champion for nature Dia Mirza who not only got married but also welcomed her son Avyaan Azaad Rekhi with husband Vaibhav Rekhi. The little one was born prematurely on May 15 via an emergency C-Section and was tended to by tireless nurses and doctors in a Neonatal ICU.

Dia herself faced many health challenges during this time and thankfully, timely medical care and a restful recuperation process ensured that both she and the little one triumphed over the crisis.

Avyaan is finally home and Dia, who has been sharing glimpses of his hand-painted nursery, says, “It is overwhelming to see Avyaan celebrate his first Diwali after all the challenges he had to overcome this year. He is truly a little champ and it has been so enriching to see him deal with everything that came his way with a big smile and such a pure, joyful spirit. I hope, as adults, we too can go back to this state of utter innocence and trust in the universe.”

Dia, who has been dividing time between personal and professional responsibilities, says, as always, the festivities will be sustainable, green and mindful of the environment. Says she, “I want to raise my son on a planet that is healthy and not choking on waste and toxins. Be it switching to a plant-based diet, saving energy or not bursting crackers, every choice I make is for the future of the planet and for my son.”