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Producer Ajit Arora to Become a First-row Face of the Bollywood Film Industry

I present content derived from a fabric of creative thoughts in my films: Ajit Arora

The emerging new-age producer Ajit Arora, the Founder, and CEO of Aurora productions is on his way to becoming a first-row face of the Bollywood film industry. The overwhelming response to his project ‘377 Ab-normal’ predicts so.

Ajit, being a successful entrepreneur, values the business aspect of any investment and still, clarifies that he is not in the industry just for the sake of monetizing the creativity. Instead, Ajit aspires to foster films that are fuelled by superior quality content and fabric of creative thoughts.

In Ajit’s own words, “ I believe in showcasing stories which are a blend of the creative texture of thoughts, passionate outlook and finest performances. I feel the content should be projected in a manner that enhances the art of filmmaking.”

The vision with which Ajit Arora had produced his web-film, clearly demonstrates that he is in B-town to showcase some out-of-the-box stories on screen.

Ajit Arora’s approach explicitly depicts that he gives utmost priority to content. The huge popularity and critics’ acclamation of ‘377 Ab-normal’ has surely brought onus on Ajit.

Ajit’s first project has raised the bar of expectations and we hope he keeps treating us with his quality work. The news that Ajit is soon going to launch his next venture has already stirred excitement among the audience.

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