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Zulfi Syed has a rollicking time in Prague and Budapest

Zulfi Syed

Life for Zulfi Syed couldn’t be better! Ever since the supermodel-actor turned DJ, he has been gallivanting all over the world doing what he loves — playing music.

Recently, Zulfi headed to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, where he razzle-dazzled an elite corporate audience comprising of GM Electricals staff. The trip arranged by Harvey India, gave Zulfi a “unique experience of understanding how Bollywood is viewed by Eastern Europe.”

Zulfi Sayed has a rollicking time in Prague and Budapest

“The folks there are crazy about our music and culture. Just like yoga, most westerners love the mention of Bollywood,” quips Zulfi, who also got a chance to visit the illustrious John Lennon Wall there. The wall dedicated to the co-founder of The Beatles, is filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles’ songs.

Prague seems to have got our desi dude so excited that he headed to Budapest in Hungary for another assignment, driving straight for five hours at a stretch. “Honestly, time and distance hardly seemed to matter as I passed beautiful farmlands, which made me nostalgic as they reminded me of my hometown.”

Not many are aware that Zulfi hails from Coorg in Karnataka and belongs to a family of farmers of coffee plantations.


Zulfi Syed    Zulfi Syed

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