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Films like Omerta are not the regular mainstream fare: Shahnaab Alam

Films like Omerta are not the regular mainstream fare: Shahnaab Alam


Despite creating buzz among the movie buffs, Omerta failed to get into the 100 crore club- which has become ‘trend of this decade’. Though Hansal’s writing and Rajkummar’s performance managed to save it to an extent, Shahnaab Alam – creative producer of the movie – feels that powerful promotions could have elevated the success rate.


“Films like Omerta are not the regular mainstream fare. In fact, everyone involved in the movie has to be on a common ground of understanding and belief. From development to distribution of the film, every single person involved has to be aware of the film’s positioning, its potential and hence be realistic yet dynamic about it,” Alam said, adding, “But in case of ‘Omerta’, development and execution of the film was tight and of very high value, while it’s promotion and distribution – led by conventional insecurities – was very insipid, lacking confidence. Otherwise, it would have done a better business.”


For Shahnaab, who has also co-produced films like ‘The Lunchbox’, ‘Micky Virus’, ‘Bhoomi’, Omerta was one of the most challenging projects. “Omerta was challenging not because if its logistics, but it’s creative content,” states Alam.

Omerta shows making of a terrorist and it’s aftermath. Alam feels that it was essential to be very careful while treading the thin line between the glorification of that character and its condemnation. Though “Hansal’s writing was exceptional in maintaining that balance, we had to be more careful on our part to ensure that in the process we don’t cross any limits that might hurt any sentiments or add to the stereotyping of any community,” he mentioned.


It’s true that Omerta couldn’t do as good as expected, but Rajkummar’s acting anyway won hearts of thousands. Appreciating this gem of a person and an irreplaceable actor, Alam said, “Rajkummar is like an iceberg. There’s a lot that is yet to be seen. For instance, the plot of his latest movie ‘Stree’ appears more believable just because of Raj’s performance. I have never seen him overstep on his performance by even half an inch, he is that meticulous and precise. From the inquisitive and relentless journalist in ‘Aligarh’ to the emotionless terrorist of ‘Omerta’, he has proved his caliber each time.”

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