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Shivam Sharma Does an Excellent Job in his Latest Release Tere Jism Se

Shivam Sharma Latest Release Tere Jism Se

The song Tere Jism Se released recently and has been blowing up on all kinds of social media. People are loving the chemistry shared between Shivam Sharma and Poonam Pandey along with Karanvir Bohra. Shivam Sharma plays an amazing role in the music video and carried it out quite efficiently. The sparks are literally seen flying between him and Poonam in their intimate scenes.

Shivam also looks his best in the song, with his fashion sense hitting the roof! The actor brings a certain charm and charisma to the video that would have been only basic without him in it. The black leather jacket look really suits our boy Shivam and gives him that bad boy edge that sends chills through any girl’s heart.

The song which speaks about the break of trust in a relationship, is a sweet melody of sadness felt by the partner who is cheated of his love. The anger and pain is felt through the lyrics and also relayed perfectly through the emotions of the characters. The visuals are deep with meaning and the end brings a certain closure that all of the viewers wait for.

The song has been in the news for its amazing production values, contagious melody, and hi-voltage music.Tere Jism Se is directed by OkShravan and it is sung by Mohd Danish. The music is composed by Aman-Ayaan.Producer Karan Patel and co-producer Rupali Mangle, are the driving forces behind Tere Jism Se and Rising Indie Music.