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“Hasot Liye was born the day it was written”, says Jamtara Music Composer Sidhant Mathur

Music Composer Sidhant Mathur

Sidhant Mathur who has composed music and background score for both the seasons of Jamtara – Sabka Number Aayega spoke about ‘Hasot Liye’ which is ruling the song chart numbers.The song is composed by Sidhant Mathur ft. Jagtinder Singh Sidhu and Nikhil Malik with a few processed vocals by Sidhant himself too. Jamtara is an Indian crime drama web series created & directed by Soumendra Padhi and written by Trishant Srivastava.

Sharing about the making of Hasot Liye, Sidhant said, “According to the brief, the song was supposed to be a fun, peppy and uplifting song in the background of a wedding scene with very street style vocals narrating the situation of the entire Phishing Scam of Jamtara. The song went through many name changes before we finally decided to call it Hasot Liye. There are some songs that we work over time and they evolve into the final versions as we hear them. But Hasot Liye, unlike those kinds of tracks, was born the day it was written. It was a very special brainstorming session between the director Soumendra Padhi, lyricist Abhishek Dubey and Myself. I came up with a funny sounding hook line which just struck a chord with Soumendra and was instantly put to words by Abhishek. The rest of the track followed the very same night and I put everything together in the very same room. Also with a series like Jamtara which has so many grey characters, the intensity of music has to rise and fall and rise with every episode and cliffhanger. In Jamtara, we explored giving themes to emotions rather than characters which was a very new approach for me. Almost every character goes through some set emotions which were represented by variants of those musical motifs. Exploring different sonic textures also brought out the essence of the series in many ways.”

Sidhant explains to us the whole process of how Jamtars music was born, he says, “Since there was a serious shortage of time to deliver the highest quality product, we had made a schedule which was to be strictly followed. So almost every sequence in the series was given a deadline by when it should be composed and completed. There were however a few scenes which took extra long to be cracked. One such scene was in Episode 5 of season 2 which now looks like a very simple piece of music but it emotionally drained us. It set the whole schedule back by 3 days which luckily we were able to catch up on as quite a few seemingly tough scenes went through like a breeze! But it was a rollercoaster ride on our whiteboards!!! Lol”

As for the challenging parts, he added, “Both the seasons of Jamtara have been the most challenging. The main challenge of Season 1 was to create this new sonic world of Jamtara. We discarded many ideas before we took the approach of scoring emotions. The second season had to be bigger, better and grander in every way. So it brought even more challenges.”

With an early exposure to music from his father playing guitar, Sidhant took to performing music through high school and college taking part in bands and musicals playing guitar and bass. He went to Toronto in 2003 to study Audio Engineering and Technology which added the key layer of a producer’s perspective to his music. Sidhant has been a part of countless independent music albums and productions (Shilpa Rao, Parikrama, Indian Ocean, Mrigya, Faridkot to name a few) as a Producer and Engineer from Quarter Note Studios, NEw Delhi which he co-founded in 2006. Apart from indulging in theater, radio, independent artist production, live performance and engineering on international stages, he has composed music for the critically acclaimed Hindi Feature Films : Children of War (2014) (Raima Sen, Farooq Sheikh, Pawan Malhotra), Budhia Singh – Born to Run (2016 and winner of the National Award for Best Children’s Film)(Manoj Bajpai, Gajaraj Rao, Tillotama Shome) and short films: Paroksh (Drishyam Films, Youtube), Bete (Drishyam Films, Youtube), Madhyantara, Mannat (MX Player) etc.. His most recent outing was composing the Background Score for the Netflix based web series “Jamtara – Sabka Number Aayega” Seasons 1 & 2.