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Sherrin Varghese’s new release ‘Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zindagi’ is out now

Sherrin Varghese’s new release ‘Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zindagi’ is out now


Sherrin Varghese, the man who runs intricate rhythms on sonorous tunes, has produced another mellifluous masterpiece, “Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zindagi”. Known to many as the multi-talented artist and the famous band member of ‘A Band of Boys’, Sherrin is an on-stage killer performer praised for his energetic melancholic melodic hooks since the early 2000s.

Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zindagi, his latest single is an apt portrayal of the mysteries and curve balls of life, which everyone talks about but fail to express. This 3 minutes & 32 seconds of eargasmic bliss speaks volumes for Sherrin’s content state of mind and the good terms that he is on with life. Not just this, but the track is shot in the picturesque settings of Krabi province, Phi phi islands & is backed by deep lyrics which have a huge relatability factor for an audience.

As a true-blue maverick multi-faceted artiste, he has made a ton of contribution to the song as the credits for composition, vocals, story, sreenplay & direction are well earned by him. The song is a meticulous take on life, sounding & reminding an audience of the good old days of Indi-pop.

When asked about his views as to why did he choose to produce this song in such an organic way, unlike his usual releases where he’s known to produce organic-electronic legacy peices, Sherrin was quoted saying that, “This song is sonically different from my usual dub self, cos management asked me to produce material which is more true to the live band sound which I’m gigging with & get the paying audience from my batch to connect with that “live rock band” sound from the 90’s especially the millennials. So decided to go standard on the arrangement & wicked on the chords for a change!”

Here is the song


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