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Shamas Siddiqui files court case on Alia Siddiqui for fraud and defamation

Shamas Siddiqui files court case on Alia Siddiqui

Shamas Siddiqui has been in the limelight for the Alia Siddiqui case for a few days, this case caught fire when Shamas Siddiqui filed a cheating and defamation case in the court on Alia Siddiqui.

Shamas Siddiqui says, “I have given Alia 2.16 Crore Rupees in writing for her produced film Holi Kaau. This money was to be returned within 90 days according to the letter (04/04/2019) signed by Alia. According to 90 days, I sent the first notice via email in July 2019 to return my money. The final notice was served in February 2020 and due to lack of proper response, I appointed a lawyer for the case.”

“Right now Alia is dragging me in her and Nawaz Bhai’s case and the police complex is also against me while I have been asking for my money for a year. In a year, Alia has not done any complaint against me. I have a business relationship with Nawaz Bhai. I have been a famous TV director from 2007 to 2012 and as a business manager of Nawaz Bhai, I used to charge a significant amount of money after leaving TV. Aaliya used to be my good friend and I always supported her in her career. I have nothing to do with the divorce case of both of them. I only mean with my money.“

“I gave 1.12 crore from a personal account and 91 lakhs from the company (Alia has been asked to take shares in the company as a partner of 25%). Emailed on 14th January ”

“I did not demand any kind of profit for Alia after her name was sold for the film or in writing. Even after the advance, I kept giving money to Aaliya so that the film could be sold and ready and my money returned.”

Shamas lawyer Adnan Shaikh says, “The fact is that Alia aka Anjana has not mentioned about 2 crore rupees once in 2 months of her media presence until the media has reported our cases, Indicating that she was always misrepresenting Shamas who has actually paid 2 crores and could not get a single account for that. He received the first legal notice by Shamasji in August 2019 and there are more than 100 emails of this dispute. The main dispute related to Shams Ji’s personal bank account and the money fraud case given to his company account, this dispute started in August 2019.”

Some aspects of this case:

• I was giving notice to Alia from July 2019
• Last notice given in Feb 2020
• Fraud’s first police complaint 18/05/20
• Fraud’s second police complaint 02/06/2020
• IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers Associations) complained on 19/05/2020
• Criminal Defamation Case (case no-1181 / ss / 2020), Shamasuddin Siddiqui vs Aaliya Siddiqui has been filed in Andheri Magistrate Court on 11/06/2020. IMPPA also has many complaints against Alia Siddiqui – many people have written on social media for their money. A friend of Alia Siddiqui and Co-Producer in the film have also complained against them in the police.