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Neetu Chandra to charm audiences with her next single titled Ishqa

Neetu Chandra next single titled Ishqa

If Neetu Chandra’s past repertoire of work is any indication of her talent and potential, then her upcoming number Ishqa is a sure success. A peppy track with upbeat music that will have you tapping your feet to it, singer Payal Dev is the voice behind the song. Neetu Chandra’s inclination towards sports and fitness have been a key reason behind her fit body and mind. If sources are to be believed, this song showcases her in a sensuous avatar and will definitely give you some serious fit body goals this season!

“Ishqa is a very special song for me because it brings out a different side of me, aside no one has seen before. The rhythm is extremely peppy and once you’ve heard it, you just keep humming it all day! It’s going to be out soon and I hope viewers give it as much love as they always give me” says Neetu.

“I love the song because it says something to me. It just goes beyond lyrics and melody put together. It has that zing that makes me want to get up and reclaim the moment. Payal’s voice has added the X-factor to the song which I believe audiences will love. Some songs one feels you just lip-sync to, with her voice I felt I was singing. I absolutely love dancing. There is a saying, dance like no one is watching. That’s how I dance. Dancing is like doing cardio and I’m sure a lot of people who workout know this. The combination of cardio and weight training is like a good form of running. Which is why dance, like cardio, keeps you fit and healthy”, added Neetu.

Neetu Chandra’s keen interest in sports and love for home ground Patna has made her brand ambassador for Pro-Kabbadi league champions Patna Pirates. On the work front, she has just finished shooting for The Worst Day, a comedy film which marks her debut in Hollywood. She is also juggling her time to shoot for a Korean youth action TV series Narae. Her dedication to the craft has given her meaty roles across the world breaking language barriers and she continues to raise the bar in every project she undertakes.

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