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Magnificent Monday for Stree

Magnificent Monday for  Stree

Stree has surpassed every expection earning a massive number at the box office over the weekend and then sustaining it on Monday!

The films Monday has been higher than some big ticket films this year, highlighting that content is king afterall!

The film has earned a whopping 41.97cr in its first four days!

The films strong word of mouth has resulted into an amazing footfall in the theatres.

Dinesh Vijan says,“We’ve always backed projects we believe in and its extremely gratifying when the audiences validate our vision. Our numbers have grown from strength to strength and we are exhilarated with all the love we are getting!”

The film seems to be beating every record for this year and were excited to see what the week holds!

_The horror comedy produced by Dinesh Vijan, Raj & DK and directed by Amar Kaushik is in theatres now!_

Friday: 6.83cr
Saturday: 10.87cr
Sunday: 14.57cr
Monday: 9.70cr
*Total: 41.97cr*

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