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Lyricist Shraddha Sehgal’s love song to be released tomorrow

Shraddha Sehgal’s Hui Juda

Lyricist Shraddha Sehgal is visibly excited and why not — her song, Hui Juda, will be releasing on Times Music tomorrow (September 18). The love song been composed, produced and sung by Joell Mukherjii and features the actors Paresh Pahuja and Riya Ray.

Commenting on the song, Shraddha said, “Hui Juda is very close to my heart. It is a song about lost love, with real emotions. I am sure this song will make its place in the hearts of many.”

Even though Shraddha and Joell have never met, they have collaborated on many songs. “He gave me complete freedom to write what I felt from the heart. I heard it thrice and knew instantly that this beautiful melody had to be about love, but not the kind love that we hear of everyday. I felt so captivated by the music, that I couldn’t help but work on it non-stop that day, and before end of day it was locked with no changes! The music video is very beautifully conceptualized and produced keeping the lyrics in mind and Joell sings it so very passionately, making my words come alive,” Shraddha added.

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