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Instagram disapproves to promote teaser of Bedhab, disappoints director Akash Goila

The much-awaited teaser of Director Akash Goila’s digital film Bedhab was released yesterday. The film stars Sanjay Kapoor, debutant Aashish Sachdeva along with Karishma Kotak and Shibani Bedi in the pivotal roles.

However, Sanjay Kapoor, who is the God of Death and will be seen playing a triple role in Bedhab, a film that deals with anti-smoking faced a major roadblock during digital promotions.

Social media platform Instagram disapproved the request of the makers to promote the teaser of Bedhab thinking the film is promoting smoking habits.

Disappointed director Akash Goila lashes out his anger on Twitter and wrote, “Wow! @instagram @facebook is constantly disapproving my ads for #Bedhab’s Teaser They are saying my #film is promoting #smoking which is actually promoting #antismoking Surprised! As I see many films ads who actually promote nonsense! Now I understand what you face #anuragkashyap.”

“We can’t tell smokers simply quit smoking they don’t understand we need to play a different mind game with them,” Akash adds.

This isn’t happening for the first time, earlier director Anurag Kashyap also faced similar issues with his films like No Smoking and Black Friday.

The film is produced by Akash Goila Motion Pictures and Aashish Sachdeva and will premiere on the OTT platform, Filmeraa. Known for making short films Dark Brew (2017), and 26 awards winner Dum Dum Dumroo (2018), writer-director Akash Goila is all set for his grand digital film Bedhab. It has been entirely shot in Greece and is slated to release soon.

Here’s the teaser link:

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