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Every Composer Has Its Own Ego Says Shivram Parmar

Every Composer Has Its Own Ego Says Shivram Parmar

Dynamic Bollywood music composer, programmer, and singer Shivram Parmar stands out not only for his notable hits but also for his candid insights into the industry’s evolving trends, said that the multiple composer trends has its downside, as everyone comes with their own ego.

When asked about the new-multiple singers and composer trend gaining momentum in Bollywood, composer Shivram said, “From last few years, I have seen this trend, where a lot of composers are giving their music for the same movie. Back in the days, only one music director did the entire album of a film, now it’s multiple music composers and singers’ trend, everyone wants only hit songs.”

“Plus, every composer is genre based, some are good with patriotic songs, while some with romantic tracks, so moviemakers pick and choose according to song texture. Even I did a movie which has multiple composers, but unfortunately my songs were dropped at the last moment, I guess, every music composer has his own ego, they don’t like share credit or work, or wants to associate with someone else, I’ve had few such experiences in my career, where someone with big name had my songs scrubbed from the album” added Shivram.

Despite having some bad experiences, Shivram still believes that Bollywood is a one stop destination for everything an artist needs. He said, “Bollywood is one place, where you get all your needs fixed, whether its fame, fortune, recognition, and creative satisfaction. Given the fact that the classical music world is very different from regular commercial space, but the kind of trend, which is going on right now in the cinema world, its mixed genre, every kind of music appreciated, hence I made my home here.”

Apart from composing songs, Shivram is a prolific music teacher with his own music school and programmers. When asked about the changing landscape of the music world due to the digital revolution, he said, “Earlier there was a monopoly in the music industry, not anymore. In the digital age, accessibility to music composers to their audience is only a few clicks away. Back in the days, the struggle was to find work, and make it available across nations, now that is not there, now you only need to create good work.”

Shivram Parmar has composed a song for an international movie titled Fortis Femina.