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Divya Dutta attends a pageant that celebrates women!

Divya Dutta

Divya Dutta

On her recent trip to Australia, Divya Dutta attended a beauty pageant in Sydney. Interestingly, the beauty pageant was not about being beautiful in traditional sense and but to celebrate womanhood, irrespective of form, size, color and age. Spirited woman from all across the globe had gathered to celebrate being a woman.

When asked about the experience of attending this one of a kind event, Divya said , “I was overwhelmed. There were cancer survivors, few who had weight issues, few with other challenges but their spirit was intact. They had the loveliest smiles on their faces as they walked the ramp with infectious confidence. I certainly came back inspired, having learnt that life is all about celebrating it, being thankful for what you have and trying to spread positivity as much as you can”.
After all that inspiration, Divya is indeed walking the talk and is participating in a campaign that make women pledge for the aid and protection of any children who needs to feel safe. Woman all across India are participating in the campaign to be aware of their surroundings and protect any child that they see alone. A lovely though indeed.

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