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Ajay Devgn shares a chilling glimpse into the world of Lalbazaar

Lalbazaar Teaser

ZEE5 is set to premiere police drama LALBAZAAR on Friday, 19th June. Join hands with Ajay Devgn, as he exclusively introduces the show which has got his vote! By focusing on crime, LALBAZAAR underlines the larger flow of life, the threats, the good and evil force in the society. It is one of a kind police drama that will not only focus on the gruesome crimes but also beautifully explore the human side of the lives of the police squad.

After superstar Ajay Devgn released the poster yesterday, the internet has been abuzz about what is Lalbazaar. The actor shared the teaser and you will immediately recognize his powerful, deep voice which takes you through the narrative.

The characters in the show will evolve with every episode and bring in their own values, morals as they dive into gritty operations in their jobs.

Zee 5 premium hared a glimpse into the show with
Yahan belagaam mujrim chalaate hain maut ka karobaar. Jinhe bekhauf police laayegi ghutno par. Jiska naam hai #Lalbazaar #TillTheEndOfCrime Lalbazaar Police
aa rahi hai 19th June . Ho jao taiyaar!

Ajay Devgn then replied with a one-liner that is bound to intrigue anyone who like thrillers or crime drama. He wrote,

Karobaar chaahe mujrimon ka ho,
Lekin Sikka aur insaaf #Lalbazaar Police ka hi hoga
Starting 19th June. #TillTheEndOfCrime. Ho jao taiyaar!

The teaser of Lalbazaar:

Sharing his take on playing roles in uniform, his thoughts on police and the show, Devgn said “I have always enjoyed playing characters where good triumphs evil. It is not easy to emulate the lives of our brave police force and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity of playing roles in the uniform. Especially during the lockdown, the sheer hard work and perseverance that the police force is putting in is highly commendable and they have my utmost respect. While the web series talks about crimes committed and being solved, it also focuses on the human side of the lives of the police squad and allows audiences to get a glimpse into the lives of those who protect them 24/7. It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you all to the world of ZEE5’s LALBAZAAR. Watch the show on 19th June.”

The teaser gives us a glimpse into the underbelly of LALBAZAAR. On this crossing between justice and criminals, the show will also explore the human side of the lives of the police squad. The gritty shots in the beginning of the teaser showcase the kind of grim crimes the viewers can expect. But will the law set the limit?

The show will premiere on 19th June on Zee 5