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Director Shamas Siddiqui extends support to the President of India through his film Miyan Kal Aana

Shamas Siddiqui - movie Miyan Kal Aana

Filmmaker Shamas Nawab Siddiqui’s vision to eradicate the evils of the society is finally coming to light. The director, who has been trying to educate everyone through his short films with strong social messages, received strong backing from the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind.

In his address to both the houses of the Parliament in the Central Hall on Thursday, President Ram Nath Kovind said eradication of social evils like Triple Talaq and Nikah-Halala is imperative for ensuring equal rights for women in the country. He urged all the members to cooperate in these efforts to make the lives of women better and dignified.

“To secure equal rights for every sister and daughter in the country, eradication of social evils like ”Triple Talaq” and ”Nikah-Halala” is imperative,” President Kovind said in his customary address after the formation of the 17th Lok Sabha.

Now, interestingly Shamas’s short film, Miyan Kal Aana that exactly executes what the President said today in his address speech. Miyan Kal Aana is a story that’s based on the evil practices of Islam. In Islam, if a Husband divorces his wife (irrevocably), he cannot after that re-marry her until after she marries another husband, consummates her marriage with him and her new husband divorces her.

Taking to his Twitter account, Shamas expressed relief and gratitude towards the President of India for taking this crucial step. He wrote on his Twitter account, “I am really happy to inhale also tried to say with a medium of cinema #MiyanKalAana
“राष्ट्रपति रामनाथ कोविंद, ‘तीन तलाक और हलाला को हटाना है”…. ???.. Really appreciated Sir @rashtrapatibhvn”

The film revolves around a Muslim man named Imtiaz who divorces his wife in anger but he soon realizes his mistake and wants his wife back. But he finds out that according to his religion, Islam he can only get her back by marrying her to someone and until her new husband consummate the marriage (as per the Halala law ) first.

So he sacrifices her and arranges her marriage to someone else. But very next day of Nikha (Marriage) when Imtiaz goes back to get his wife back, her new husband backs off from giving her a divorce citing that he wants to enjoy the benefits of this marriage and then keeps fooling Imtiaz that he is yet to consummate the marriage, leaving Imtiaz struggling daily to get his wife back.

Here’s the YouTube link of Miyan Kal Aana:

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