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Deepshikha Deshmukh presents self-care hampers to frontline workers

Deepshikha Deshmukh with frontline workers

Filmmaker, entrepreneur Deepshikha Deshmukh curated wellness self care hampers especially for the nurses of Guru Nanak Hospital

All through the ongoing pandemic, frontline health workers have been risking their lives to save others against all odds. Producer and entrepreneur Deepshikha Deshmukh agrees and says, “The work ethic, dedication, immense sacrifice and courage of our nurses and doctors cannot be summed up in words. As a grateful citizen, I have been thinking about expressing my appreciation in some small way. As our nurses do not have any time to devote to self-care, I curated a little hamper for them to enjoy.”

The sweet gesture came from ‘Love Organically’, an organic beauty brand Deepshikha founded in 2017 and she says, “For years now, through ‘Love Organically’, we have been supporting an all-women team of workers and also gifting tokens of our appreciation at different times to achievers in different fields. Nurses are our unsung heroes whose names will never come in the headlines but without whom we all would have not survived the pandemic – No amount of gratitude expressed can ever be enough to show our respect for them.”

That is why she curated special appreciation hampers with nourishing body massage oil, sleep-inducing sleep well sprays, and nourishing face packs for the nurses of Guru Nanak Hospital and Research centre, Mumbai. She distributed the hampers and posted them on social media, “It was extremely overwhelming to finally meet these brave nurses of Guru Nanak Hospital & Research Centre, who are tirelessly working every day to help people live and protect them from the pandemic. I felt humbled to distribute these nourishing wellness hampers by Love Organically specially put together for them, to take care of their skin after wearing uniforms and kits for hours. I can’t thank them enough for their services.”