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Urvashi Rautela does Shiv Tandava for her next film JNU Jawaharlal Nehru university proves once again that she’s India’s Beyoncé

Urvashi Rautela does Shiv Tandava for her next film JNU

Urvashi Rautela, India’s highest-paid & youngest global superstar who’s been dominating globally is a bonafide sensation who’s also the youngest to be featured in Forbes Top 10. Her Instagram following is more than 70.3 million, which is almost at par with Narendra Modi and Virat Kohli and certainly a lot more than the ‘Khan trinity’ of Bollywood aka Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. With a staggering net worth of more than 550 crores, Urvashi Rautela has proven the world what it takes to be the highest-paid actress in India at such a young age. From her stunning 2 times Miss Universe India win & Miss Universe judge to becoming a frontline Bollywood superstar and then cracking Hollywood, she has blazed a trail with her brave approach.

Urvashi Rautela’s achievements in today’s time might be touching the sky. However, as an artiste, she is always willing to work the hardest and push herself beyond regular boundaries to constantly re-innovate herself as an artiste. Apart from top-notch acting skills, dance is also something that comes naturally to her and she keeps working hard on it to become better. The talented performing artiste is also trained in more than 25 plus dance forms some of them. Like Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Pole Dance, Bharatanatyam, Salsa, Contemporary, Kuchipudi, Flamenco, and many more. But what stands out for Urvashi is the fact that she is always willing to learn different art forms and not interested in restricting herself to just one speciality. No wonder, a section of netizens feel that she’s a complete all-rounder and India’s ‘Beyonce’ in the true and literal sense of the term. Urvashi seems to be proving this title true even in her upcoming film ‘JNU’. In the film, the stunning actress plays a college politician and guess what? She’s performing the auspicious ‘Shiv Tandava’ dance with all her efforts and dedication. She even shared some glimpses of the same in her social media story and we were truly blown away with that fact. Regarding her versatility in terms of variation as a dancer, Urvashi says and we quote,

“Dancing has been my canvas, where I’ve done flamenco, freestyle, Bollywood, urban hip-hop, locking popping, and more dance forms in my previous films. Amidst these diverse rhythms, the dream of performing the Shiv Tandav dance form has always held a special place in my heart. Today, I stand on the brink of realizing that dream, feeling the echoes of my journey in every step. The fusion of my varied experiences converges into this moment, making the Shiv Tandav performance a culmination of my deepest aspirations in my upcoming film JNU Jawaharlal Nehru university . Grateful for the dance mosaic that brought me here, I’m ready to embark on this expressive journey.”

Well, kudos to Urvashi for once again proving that she’s truly a different league in comparison to the rest of her contemporaries. A true global icon in the true sense of the term, Urvashi’s hard work is truly exemplary and we love every bit of it.

On the work front, apart from Love Dose 2.0 with Yo Yo Honey Singh, global Indian superstar Urvashi Rautela has massive projects like Welcome 3 with Akshay Kumar, ‘NBK109’ with Bobby Deol, Dulqueer Salman, Nandamuri Balakrishna, ‘Baap’ (remake of Hollywood blockbuster Expendables) with Sunny Deol & Sanjay Dutt, Inspector Avinash 2 with Randeep Hooda, Black Rose. Apart from this Urvashi Rautela will be seen in an International music video and the actress will also be essaying the role of Parveen Babi in an upcoming biopic. Apart from that, she’s also set to impress in another movie titled ‘JNU’ where she’s playing a college student. Along with a very special music video with Jason Derulo & many more. Stay tuned for more updates.