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Ayesha Singh shares an adorable experience with a fan during her London trip, fans love it

Ayesha Singh during her London trip

Ayesha Singh is one of the most wonderful and talented actresses in the Indian entertainment industry and we love her for all the right reasons. Within a very short period of time, Ayesha Singh has managed to create her niche like no other and well, it’s certainly not been an easy task for her. As an artiste, she’s always focused on quality ahead of quantity and that’s what makes her a beautiful and humble star. She is someone who’s truly managed to create a niche for herself and a lot of credit for the same goes to her show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’.

Ayesha loves to maintain a fine balance between her work and personal life and as an individual, she loves to satiate her quench for wanderlust whenever she gets an opportunity. Talking about opportunity, some time she had a ‘ball of a time’ in London and we were witness to some wonderful snaps and videos. However, there’s something really special that we haven’t heard about. While Ayesha has always been known to have beautiful experiences with her fans in India, it seems like her fan following abroad is on a rise as well. Well, the reason behind us saying so is because of her special and surprising experience with a fan in London. On being asked more about the incident and how the fan touched her heart, Ayesha shared the whole incident in a detailed manner and we quote,

“Well, I really had a fascinating experience on my UK trip, in fact, so much so that I had no idea that I have a bit of a fan following abroad as well. A fan did something really sweet and exceptional for me and touched my heart. I was in Global Theatre. I was looking around nearby and at that time, there was a play rehearsal going on that would be happening in April. It was closed. However, at the Shakespeare store, one of the staff members was a fan and he told me about watching the show with his mother. He was really happy with our meeting. We did our purchases and we left the store. He came running from behind and casually asked me if we would like to have a look inside the Global Theatre? I was surprised because I thought it was closed since the artistes were performing. However, he insisted saying that he will take us in and that we will be having fun. After that, we had a really nice time inside. To see a play rehearsal like that was really special. We even have a photo together which he was happy to click with me and so was I of course. What’s more heartwarming is that such experiences kept happening, either in Birmingham or in the main city of London. In fact, one of the journalists from ‘Eastern Eye’ also spoke to me and told me a lot about the place and how things work there. Overall, it was a mesmerizing experience.”

Well, such adorable instances speak volumes of the kind of popularity Ayesha Singh commands not just in India but also in different parts of the world. Given the kind of hard-working and dedicated personality that she is, her stardom is only set to rise going forward and touch the sky. Here’s wishing Ayesha Singh all the best for all her upcoming endeavours. Stay tuned for more updates.