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Zee Theatre talents share their most-cherished, sparkling Diwali memories

Zee Theatre talents Diwali memories

As the festival of light arrives, now is the perfect time to celebrate all the blessings that life has to offer with family and friends. Here is what Diwali means to some of Zee Theatre’s brightest stars as they look back at their most cherished festive memories with wonder and nostalgia.

Smita Bansal who stars in the teleplay, ‘Chanda Hai Tu’ says, “For me, Diwali is all about family. I am always very excited about the festive season and Diwali is one of our family’s favourite festivals. We always do a traditional puja at home, visit relatives and have a family dinner. This is the first year when our elder daughter is not with us as she has gone abroad to study and we are missing her. As far as fondest childhood memories go, the excitement was all about exchanging gifts, cleaning the house during holidays, buying new clothes and decorating the temple with my brother. My festive wish now would be to request everyone to share happiness and spread smiles in whatever little way they can.”

Veteran actor Himani Shivpuri who plays the protagonist in the teleplay ‘Rishton ka Live Telecast’ says, “The festival of lights begins for me with cleaning, changing all the curtains, bedsheets and bedcovers and of course, putting up lights. I love to decorate my house with festive lamps and with an ‘alpana’. We also do pooja at home in a subtle manner. My fondest memories of Diwali hail back to our ancestral bungalow in Dehradun where we would make lanterns and enjoy a gloriously happy, family celebration. The only message I can give to my fans at this time is to not indulge in bursting crackers. We should have learnt a lesson from the pandemic that we must value this earth as this is our only home. I also want to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous Diwali.”

Ratan Rajput, who stars in teleplay ‘Panchi Aise Aate Hain,’ adds, “This year, I have an eye infection and cannot bear any light so I will wear my dark glasses at night and light only one diya. When I look back, my childhood memories of Diwali are all about getting together with my sisters to make ‘Gharondas’, or little huts. To watch a mud house come to life was actually like building a real home. We would also buy tiny utensils and even cook rice in them! These memories remind me how joyful it is to do things with your own hands and so till date, I make a rangoli on Diwali to welcome goddess, Lakshmi. As a family, we also distribute clay toys and ‘batashas’, buy silver coins and make ‘kadhi chawal.’ As for my fans, I want to tell them to light as many diyas as they can and not just in their homes but in their hearts. Also, I request everyone to please celebrate a cracker-free Diwali as it’ll be beneficial for both us and the environment.”

Rajeev Siddhartha who stars in the teleplay,’ LOVE,’ says, “This year I am doing what I love best, which is working. I will be celebrating Diwali with the cast and crew and will pray that the festival of lights brings abundance and happiness to me and my fraternity especially after what we have been through in the last two years. As for my childhood memories of Diwali, they are all about a full house lit up with the happiness of my family and loved ones. As far as personal traditions go, I spring clean to make room for the new, in the physical and the spiritual sense. My message to everyone would be to be kind to one another and spread as much joy and happiness as possible.