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Amitabh Bachchan – the friend who never forgets his friends

Amitabh Bachchan at Anand Pandits'

This festive season while there was a long list of Diwali parties with celebs seen wearing their festive best, there was one perhaps that stood out. It stood out for the simple reason that the biggest actor in Hindi film cinema, Amitabh Bachchan decided to break tradition and attend it. Mr. Bachchan is known to be a man of traditions and perhaps the oldest one is his grand Diwali celebrations at his home in Juhu.

But this Diwali, he broke that rule. That too, for a dear friend – producer Anand Pandit. Punctual to a fault, Big B entered the Pandit residence right after his KBC shoot and spent time with his friends and family before heading home. Sources tell us that Anand Pandit ensured it was a curated group for the legend and the party lit up as Big B walked into the Pandit residence.

Anand Pandit looked visibly emotional when Big B arrived and sources tell us that he was extremely humbled to have Amit ji come to his home. ‘He was overwhelmed and deeply touched by his gesture proving that he is a friend who never forgets his friends,’ the source shared.

For Big B who is not even seen at his own film promotions or any other parties throughout the year, this departure from tradition has been noticed by everyone in the industry. Anand Pandit who is often called the man with the Midas touch is not just close personally but has worked professionally with the superstar, as well. The two have worked together in multiple films. Sources say that Big B also has a business interest in Anand Pandit’s Real Estate Arm.

It is clear that this friendship that has traversed decades is one for keeps.