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I will enter Bollywood soon: Vijay Devarakonda at IFFI

Actors Vijay Devarakonda and Rakul Preet Singh spoke to senior journalist Sudhir Sreenivasan

Actors Vijay Devarakonda and Rakul Preet Singh spoke to senior journalist Sudhir Sreenivasan at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) Goa where they discussed their journey, films and love for cinema and other things.

When asked if her journey in films was planned Rakul said, “I planned but I didn’t know how it would happen.”

How was the shift from south to Hindi Film Industry?

“I was at ease from day 1…I was a very confident child maybe because of my army background…we grew up in many cities so it was never uncomfortable.”

When did Vijay decide to become an actor?

“Everybody wants to be an actor or a cricketer at some point in their lives…I started a theatre in college and it started giving me adrenaline rush…sometimes it was money, sometimes women sometimes something else…I hate waking up early but I realized I didn’t mind waking up early for acting and that made me realize my love for cinema.”

How do you deal with failures?

“firstly I dissociate myself with the success after I stop shooting for the film. It’s okay if everyone doesn’t like your film. I don’t regret. I celebrate every Friday. At least I am living my dream. Don’t bother about everything, just enjoy the journey.” Said Rakul.

“I m a revengeful person…when people don’t like my film, I like to know real feedback. A little girl came to me and said she loved the first half of Dear Comrade but didn’t like the second half at all… But I liked that criticism. I joined films thinking I will do whatever I want to do, I don’t care what people say but sometimes it becomes about numbers (Box Office)…unfortunately. I wish it wasn’t like that.” Vijay said.

“I think Vijay Devarakonda only makes good films. Good films that people like or good films that some people don’t like. But when the film doesn’t do well I say okay…next film I’ll show you.” Vijay added.

Now have you ever come to that stage where you didn’t feel like waking up early in the morning again? “A month or so ago, it had started feeling like that…so I took a break for two months…didn’t shoot at all. Now again I feel renewed love and passion for work.” Vijay said.

What do you do to stay real?

Rakul – “I like to lead a normal life…sanity comes from there. I still go out to coffee shops, meet my friends, dress normally, etc..I do my shift, come back home and I am normal.”

Vijay – “It’s an absolute abnormal thing to be an actor. When you are liked by millions, your brain stops processing it. Family and friends keep you normal.”

Rakul, this year has been good for you…
“yes, this year was special and interesting because it opened up a new industry for me and then Manmadhudu 2 was very very special to me.”

Vijay, you are doing more of romantic films…”It’s more my age…I am one of the youngest actors…if I don’t do love stories, who would…he laughs. We all thrive on love. Whether it’s for a woman or a man or a child…It’s a huge driving factor.”

When Sudhir pointed out that both the actors are said to be good looking actors…

Rakul said, “it’s very flattering but I don’t think I am the prettiest looking girl.”

“I am made aware of this but I don’t think of it much. Beauty has been marketed a lot…good for me but when a phone camera comes for selfie and that shows your age, it always says 34…36…(there are cameras that tell your age) I don’t like it.” Vijay laughed.

When someone from the audience asked if he will do Tamil or Marathi films,

“I will make it soon into Bollywood.” Said Vijay.

And the genres?

Love, Action, and Drama…Vijay concluded.