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A bold move on Instagram sets the tone for Prachi Tehlan!

Prachi Tehlan

Prachi Tehlan is turning heads with her bold and beautiful avatar on social media. The actress recently posted her new photo on Instagram, which went viral within a few hours. Dressed in Victoria’s Secret, Tehlan looks insanely hot in the picture.

Prachi Tehlan  Prachi Tehlan  Prachi Tehlan

It was for the first time that Prachi explored the bold side of hers. Though her experiment was appreciated by many – garnering rave attention, a section of her fans felt disappointed and criticised her.

One of her followers wrote, “What was this for”, to which Tehlan replied, “It’s called exploring a side of you”.

Prachi Tehlan

Indeed that’s what we call giving it back to the netizen’s trolling in style. Speaking of disappointing a section of her fans, Prachi says, “Fans are getting upset because they never expected it from me. But I believe, they should love me for who I am and not for what I do or what I wear. They should understand that it’s a part of my job.”

“To be comfortable in front of the camera and do whatever the character/role demands is my responsibility. And the picture I posted is a step forward in that direction. I am trying to evolve as an actor and be prepared for whatever comes my way,” Tehlan added.




Happy about all the positive comments on her post, Prachi states, “There is nothing better than to know how supportive your fans are. Though there were many who criticised me for the bold step I took, there were hundreds who appreciated the different side of me and applauded my decision to step out of the comfort zone and explore new horizons.”

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