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Why Digangana didn’t vote for 2019 elections?

We all know the procedure of voting for election it may not be a long process but sometimes the guff up happens, Digangana being the first-time voter, registered through online process with all the document submitted by her but her name did not appear in the voter list which was shocking for her.

Digangana in an Instagram post said: “I am a first-time voter but unfortunately I wasn’t able to vote because of some technical problems as they try to explain to me, but my name didn’t appear in the voting list. Although we did register in a complete proper process for my voter Id. We will see again if there are any possibilities to vote for next elections.”

She also asked people to vote as it is their responsibility as well as their right to choose their candidate for the betterment of the country.

She has expressed her sorrow through video on Instagram and looking at her post people also mention their problem in the comment as they also had to go through the same problem.

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