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Vaarun Bhagat says, “OTT platforms have given work to actors like me”

Vaarun Bhagat about OTT platforms

Undekhi 2 Actor Vaarun Bhagat On Anurag Thakur Mulling Censorship On OTT: “Just Because S*x Sells..”

Vaarun Bhagat who is one of the finest talents in the Bollywood industry has showcased his talents through his phenomenal acting skills. Vaarun Bhagat has given many hits to OTT platforms such as Undekhi 2, Aar Ya Paar, Udaan Patolas, and many more.

Over the recent controversy that is taking place over the censorship of OTT platforms by politician Anuraj Thakur, actor Vaarun Bhagat comes forward and speaks over it, the actor says, “Look, I would say that Anurag Thakur has a lot of responsibility. There are a few apps that are creating objectionable content. Just because sex sells, they have the notion- ‘sex daaldo bharke. Kahani ka naa ser hai na per hai’. I understand his point of view. He has a job where he has to represent us. He is talking about censorship, mentioning that one cannot do anything in the garb of creativity. I don’t want to oppose what he said. I get what he is saying. However, there are several shows like Gullak or Rocket Boys, which deserve all the recognition and have brought significance to society through storytelling. Such shows have a feel-good feeling. Rocket Boys is not only a great show but an important show to understand the history of India. It is important for people to know where we stood in the field of science before and after Independence”

The actor also went on to say, “I really have great thoughts about OTT, as OTT has given me work, and I think the whole industry changed in 2018, or at the very least in 2019, as it gave opportunities to all kinds of filmmakers, actors, editors, and story writers. It gave us so much space to work on. Otherwise, the chances were very limited, and still, they are limited as there are so many talents, But still, OTT is such an important space that we get to tell our stories. And I would say that censorship is a good thing but not having censorship has allowed us to be more fearless be more creative and it is phenomenal”

“I feel the narrative between theatre and OTT has become so different. Anyone who is currently busy can watch movies whenever and from wherever they want. Talking about the budget is equal to the films. The talents are equivalent to the film. I feel OTT shows are an extended version of a film that is all. The only difference for me is that the film comes to the theater and we can watch it at home in our theater.”

And talking about storytelling, he feels “OTT is much better as characters nikhar ke aate hai, so everybody gets a chance to get they really sink their teeth into it.”