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Trishaan got his ‘Mooh Kala’ by Akshay Kumar!

Trishaan got his ‘Mooh Kala’ by Akshay Kumar!
Akshay Kumar is known to lighten up the atmosphere on the sets and is always ready when it comes to pull pranks on his fellow co-stars.
This time his scape goat was none other than his co-star and Bengali dialect coach in ‘Gold’, Trishaan. Trishaan got plenty feathers in his cap already. This Bengali lad is a trained actor from FTII, cast for International films & series (Furious 7, Sense 8, Viceroy’s House, Million Dollar Arm, Hundred Foot Journey etc), a member of C.S.A. ( Casting Society of America) and recently won the Indian Wiki-Media awards for digital entertainment as Best Casting Director for ALT Balaji’s web-show-Bose dead/alive. He is the only Indian casting director right now who has a degree in acting (from F.T.I.I., pune) & experience both!
Well..Recalling his memorable moment from the shooting of ‘Gold’, Trishaan shares, “In the ‘Chad Gayi Hai’ song, I had a scene where my close up shot was there and after one take, Akshay came to me and said your make-up is not done properly. So he called the make-up Dada and told him his face looks choky, please reduce his make-up.

When the make-up Dada came to me, instead of removing my makeup he applied black colour on my face and I didn’t even get to know about it. Then I went and gave my shot and after we were done retaking the scene, Akshay told me to go and see the scene on the monitor.

And when I saw my scene I realized that my face had been blackened and everyone around me started laughing. They felt I already knew about it and that I was pretending the whole time, but I was completely clueless about it.

He did it so subtly that I never found out about it. He planned it with the make-up Dada to apply black colour on my face in the name of touch up and pull the prank.”

Trishaan has coached Akshay Kumar in bengali dialect and is also a co-star. Trishaan didn’t think twice to do the job as he has been an Akshay Kumar fan since childhood. Gold is all set to hit silver screen on August 15,2018.

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