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This Valentine’s Day, stroll down the path less taken!

Valentine's Day unique plans

Steer clear of the banalities and rekindle the romance with these fresh ideas on February 14

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, of showing gestures, and of letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you. But after years of celebrating this day in somewhat clichéd ways, it’s time for some new ideas to enjoy the day with that special someone. So, if you are among those who want to tread the path less taken, here are a few refreshing ideas that will redefine romance and also take your special someone by surprise.

Stir up a romantic storm

The pandemic unleashed the dormant chef in many house-bound souls but even more satisfying than a wholesome meal is the joy of cooking it together. So why not find a cooking class you can join together, give each other a dish to master and have a potluck on Valentine’s Day? Or just create a buffet for two comprising all your favorite finger foods, bring out the fairy lights, deck up the backyard, balcony, or verandah with candles, throw some cushions and rugs around, play some ambient music, and feast on home-cooked romance!

Walk into the sunset

If you have been deeply impacted by the faultlines the pandemic has expanded, how about making a difference while spending oodles of quality time together and meeting your fitness goals? Every year, Oxfam India organizes a Trailwalker to raise funds for various causes. This year, the theme is #WalkInMyShoes and the challenge aims to help women and girls in crisis. Together, you can choose to clock in 100 KM, 50 KM, or 25 KM over a span of 10 days and go for a romantic walk every single day till you reach your goal. Remember the adage, “The couple that walks together, stays together?” Okay, we were just kidding but just so you know, Oxfam Virtual Trailwalker Challenge has two slots to choose from – 18 to 27 February or 4 to 13 March 2022. So go ahead and bask in the afterglow of love and a good deed. More details here,

Join a hobby class

Films like ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Chocolat’ and ‘Ghost’ inspired legions of fans to learn dancing, chocolate crafting, and pottery but there are many other engaging hobbies that you can enjoy learning together. Just find a common passion, pursue it and it will bring you joy for years. It could be candle making, scrapbooking, music, gardening, or even decoupage and if it creates an intimate ritual of creating something together, what can be a better gift to give each other even beyond Valentine’s Day?

Gift wellness to each other

The pandemic has brought the focus back on health and wellness so how about making a commitment to a better quality of life and going to a Yoga retreat together? Or engaging a teacher who can address specific health issues and teach you both how best to channel inner anxieties, release stress, and let go of physical and mental blocks? Love after all cannot be limited to just one special day but is all about a lifetime of care for the self and the other. Choose from vinyasa yoga for free-flowing energy, power yoga to lose extra pounds, outdoor yoga to synergize with Nature and the list goes on. Apart from pushing each other to stretch beyond limitations and strengthening your bond in the bargain, you can also enjoy benefits like increased flexibility and balance, reduced stress levels, and increased endorphins.

Take a Hike

John Muir famously said, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” With the pandemic blues slowly dissipating, head for the outdoors and go hiking across a scenic trail, camp under the stars in safe, designated campsites, get away from the madding crowds to tune into each other with only bird song in attendance. What can be more romantic than giving your attention to each other amid pure, unsullied vistas? Check sites like Thrillophilia to find out special hiking trails you can explore together to make memories of a lifetime.