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Shivam’s attempt to capture Govinda’s relationship with his daughter!

Govinda, Tina and Shivam Dua

Someone rightly said, “A great photo should evoke emotions and intrigue the viewer”.


While taking a trip down the memory lane, Shivam Dua recalled the most beautiful photo shoot of his career. He says, it was that of Govinda and his daughter Tina Ahuja, who together posed for a magazine’s cover. “It was for the first time they shot together,” informs the celebrity photographer, who has known Govinda and his family for a very long time.

“What made it one of the most special shoots of my life was the father-daughter relation, the love they share and the way these emotions were reflected in the photos,” Shivam says, adding, “There cannot be anything more beautiful than a picture that oozes emotions. They are powerful enough to leave the viewer intrigued to know the story behind that particular moment.”

Shivam recalls how he didn’t have to work much on the lighting, background, and editing while shooting. “As I said, the spark of a relationship is enough to make a photo perfect. While working with Govinda and Tina, I hardly had to put any effort into the production and post-production work. It just came out flawlessly.”

Shivam Dua

Spilling beans about how this veteran behaves off the camera, Shivam says, “Govinda is an extremely down to earth star who gave me all the space and liberty to work according to my will. People have misconceptions about him being bossy and nosy…but not for a second I felt so.”

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