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Shiv Hare: Atkan-Chatkan is a slice of a cheerfully, bright and hopeful world’s first percussion based music film children’s film

Shiv Hare Atkan-Chatkan

On August 24, AR Rahman took to his social media to announce his upcoming venture. Rahman unveiled the first look motion poster of his upcoming film – Atkan Chatkan and also revealed its premiere launch date. Sharing the captivating motion poster, AR Rahman wrote, “Glad to announce the premiere of the movie Atkan Chatkan on ZEE5 on 5th Sept.”

While Rahman has presented the film, writer-director Shiv Hare will debut in Bollywood with this children-centric film. The film will revolve around the journey of a 10-year-old tea delivery boy Guddu and how he progresses to take part in the biggest music competition in the city.

The songs of Atkan Chatkan have been sung by the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Hariharan, Sonu Nigam and others. Atkan Chatkan, also Introducing world-renowned kid LYDIAN Nadshwaram, starring Aayesha Vindhara Sachin Chaudhary, Yash Rane and Tamanna Dipak, will premiere on September 5 on ZEE5.

Shiv Hare said, “I belong to the small town of Jhansi. My struggle to make this film has finally found fruit. I have had a long journey and many musicians and filmmakers in Bollywood shared how they wanted to make this film if they had the required funds. In India, there are few children’s films like Boot Polish or Taare Zameen Par, which continue to firmly etch in your minds. I wanted to make a musical film around children. My film is about those children, whom you see in trains singing beautiful music. They have great talent but there is no one to push them or give them a platform.”

Commenting on the music, which is the soul of the film, Shiv Hare said, “I have written some beautiful songs in the film. Some are poems that originated from the world-renowned poet rastrakavi maithili sharan gup), who belonged to Chirgaon Jhansi. Music has been given by the most popular and highly talented percussionist Shivamani. This is his debut film for contributing to the music. And last but not the least, the legendary Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan will also tweet about the music and lyrics of the song soon. We have some interesting songs in the film – after Ankush’s Daata humein shakti dena, we have conceptualised a beautiful song and it will be most remembered. Similarly, there are few songs that come to the mind on Maa. After Taare Zameen Par, I think our song on Maa that revolves around a child’s longing and feeling lonely without his mother is also very beautiful.”

After conceptualising the film for 12 years and working on it, finally, Shiv Hare has been able to complete the film. He said, “Yes, I met many people, shot the film in dire conditions – extreme heat of Uttar Pradesh and finally when everything was ready, Coronavirus became a huge scare in the country. But, now with God’s grace, I will release the film soon.”

Acclaimed percussionist Sivamani, who is the music composer of Atkan Chatkan, said in a statement, “Music plays an integral part in the film, but it’s the storyline that will give the audience a sense of hope. The friendship between the four kids and their passion to fulfil their dream is the rhythm that the world would want to dance to while watching the film. Hope and burning passion are the key takeaways from Atkan Chatkan. I am delighted that it gets a global release with a platform like ZEE5 giving it the reach it deserves.”