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Sherlyn Chopra takes stand on Nepotisms, Targets Sonam Kapoor, Check out her badass tweets

Sherlyn Chopra Targets Sonam Kapoor

The fire of Nepotism has built up in Bollywood, Outsiders targeting Karan Johar for favouring the star kids for launching them in his big budget films. After the shocking death of Sushant Singh Rajput, fans want justice for the actor and it is said to be the reason for his suicide.

Sherlyn Chopra talking about Sushant she said, “I didn’t know Sushant personally. Never met him or spoke to him. My only connection to him was through his movies. I’ve heard him being referred to in words far less charitable than ‘wannabe’. Bollywood is gifted at picking on people and making them arbitrarily feel like they don’t belong, that they will never belong, like they are permanently going to be on the outside, looking in.

Why did the so-called industry ‘insiders’ who claim to have known about Sushant’s volatility not care enough for him? Why would they often ridicule him and throw jabs at him?

Often the lines between thoughtful critique and gleeful rebuke are blurred.

I strongly feel that it’s time to the cancel culture, a monster that feeds on hostility and has an insatiable appetite to be the first one to pinpoint and call out ‘problematic’ people & beliefs.

When we actively create a culture of crushing loneliness, fear and open hostility, where a person’s worth is almost entirely determined by the opinions & perceptions of strangers, we also make the world too difficult to keep living in for far too many among us.

Deactivating our digital touchpoints to dodge negativity in the virtual world is highly commendable!

But what about those who are cornered, bullied, suppressed, manipulated, humiliated, discriminated day after day in the physical world regardless of their competence?

We may not be handing the Sushant’s of the world the rope ourselves, but we’re certainly contributing to a culture that’s egging them on to reach for it.”

The bold actress Sherlyn Chopra never falls back to take her stand to the injustice she has tweeted about and giving the message out loud, check out her tweets.