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Preeti Jhangiani goes down memory lane as she gets felicitated and honoured at her college, check deets inside

Preeti Jhangiani gets felicitated and honoured at her college

Nostalgia is the heart’s way of reminding us of something we loved. It travels in many forms, on a song, in a scent or even in photographs. However, no matter how it comes to you, it will always have the same bittersweet taste. Well, one individual who’s definitely feeling the nostalgic vibes is Preeti Jhangiani. The actress has successfully carved her niche as a performing artiste in the Indian entertainment industry and today, she’s also one of the go-to entrepreneurs to seek inspiration. She has taken Indian armwrestling sport to new heights and has had a significant role in putting it on the global map. From helping the athletes get the right kind of facility and training to doing her best to create opportunities and platforms for them to showcase their talent, Preeti has certainly done it all. No wonder, everyone around her or have known her in this magnificent journey are proud of her. They say that after your parents, your school or college is the next place which feels the most amount of pride for your success. Well, that’s exactly what Preeti’s institution Jai Hind College feels about her.

The talented actress was invited at her ‘alma mater’ at Jai Hind College where she was honoured and felicitated and no wonder, she went down memory lane experiencing happy emotions. Preeti took to her social media handle to share a heartwarming post. Check out –

Regarding the honour and respect that she received there, she says,

“College is always homecoming for me and this time as well, it was no different. Just stepping inside the campus itself is such a happy feeling and it brings back to me some wonderful memories which I have had there. To be invited and felicitated at your own alma mater for your achievements in life is a really special feeling as they are the ones who have literally seen your journey right from the beginning . I am truly honoured and elated and a little emotional as well. Gratitude is all I have to offer along with the motivation to do even better in my field of work.”

Well, kudos to Preeti for the magnificent achievement and given the way she’s progressing and going ahead with her professional life, all we can say is that there are many more such honours waiting in store for her. Here’s wishing her good luck and success for everything that she does going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.