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Neha Dhupia can be a successful director believes Shivam Dua!

Shivam Dua

Shivam Dua’s journey from an engineer to a professional photographer has been a mixed bag of good and bad days. Dua, who now holds immense experience of working with the top shots of the industry like Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Neha Dhupia, Gauhar Khan, to name a few, admires the very idea of photography; but there are few people who actually make him fall in love with this art in a different way.

Shivam Dua with Ranveer Singh

One of them he says is Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia. “Shooting with her was a whole new experience. Unlike other models, who either hardly know about photography or are just ignorant about it, Neha holds a very strong opinion about every important thing. She has a brilliant sense of photography.”

Shivam, in fact, thinks that the most challenging shoot of his career was with Neha because everything had to be perfect – from the background to the props. He took some time but was able to give his best.

Dua feels that this is one of the many qualities that makes Neha a perfect director. “She can do wonders as a director. I have observed that she is not somebody who would entirely rely on the photographer’s decision/choice. Rather, she uses her great sense of framing and lighting, and provide her inputs for the better,” says Dua, adding, “Moreover, she is an amazing storyteller.”

Further speaking of how Neha can be an actor’s director, Shivam states, “She knows the art of making an artist comfortable. She is an actor and therefore understands the camera consciousness faced by many people. But the best part is, she has the talent to make anyone feel relaxed and confident.”

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