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Log Kya Kahenge: An Entertainment Portal Started by Himanshu Singla Breaking Social Norms

Himanshu Singla, Founder, LKK Media

Log Kya Kahenge (LKK) Media, Started by Himanshu Singla with a vision to platform people ticked off with the Society’s norms and it’s expectations of how people should live, soon progressed into a plan envisioning the reach to be made the audience as media base for LKK (Log Kya Kahenge). Himanshu graduated from NSIT Delhi and is currently leading a team along with Mr. Nikhil Jerath who has prior expertise in working with Renowned Media Companies. Looking forward to exponential growth, LKK Media as of now hosts an audience of about 6 Million on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Himanshu Singla, Founder, LKK Media

According to Himanshu Singla, Founder, LKK Media, “Not only is marketing memes an advancement of the digital era but is more of an insightful tool, the results of which can be moulded and put to use in many ways because every brand existent as a business, commands reach in one form or the other.”

LKK generates revenue by creating-content from brands promotions, tie-ups and directing content on their platform that can be interesting and valuable for the audiences. LKK Media aims to deliver quality content and has so far done so by putting a figure on the content relative to its viewership.

“We have already worked with brands like Myntra, OnePlus, Amazon, DineOut, Tiktok & many more. In the entertainment sector, we have worked for star movies like Saun Chidiya, Kesari and many more. We have people who consider associating with us because of the underlying expectation of receiving interesting content that is impactful as well carries the ability to generate audience,” says Nikhil Jerath.

LKK Media believes that old age marketing methods died long before we knew it and thus, Meme Marketing & Content Creation would be the master players in the deck by dealing it’s cards well.

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