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Kavya Thapar Gets into the Solitude Mode to Welcome the New Year, 2023

Kavya Thapar New Year 2023

Indian actress Kavya Thapar was recently seen in Netflix’s web series CAT starring Randeep Hooda. After garnering applause for her portrayal of Kimi Aulakh in the critically acclaimed Indian Web Series, the Kavya has now set her sights on the upcoming New Year Celebrations, which are right around the corner by taking time out to enjoy in the presence of her guruji and seeking his blessings before starting the New year.

Recently, we did a small interview with her, asking about her new year plans and any resolutions she had in mind. The actress, who looked exquisite then, obliged amicably and shared details about her new year plans. Here is what she said.

“2022 has been great for me. I’m pleased to know that people have loved me and appreciated my acting in CAT. I look forward to doing more movies and web series in 2023. I haven’t given much thought to it apart from that. But yes, I will spend the new years eve with my guruji and fellow saadhaks welcoming the new year with peace, love and thank the year 2022 for all its blessings and lessons. This is how I spend my every new year and rejuvenate for the new year. So, going to have the best time. Also, I’m extremely positive that all this energy and eternal bliss will attract more blessing to be grateful for, just like 2022.”

About the resolution, she said, “No, there are no such resolutions planned. Do not have much belief in them. But yes, I want to prioritize self-care more. I also want to be able to help as much people, children and animals in need, as much as inmy capacity to do so. I believe in discipline. It’s the discipline that brings success to hard work. So, I want to continue with it.”

Lastly, to her fans, she said, “I wish everyone a very Happy, Blissful and Ecstatic New Year. May 2023 solve all your problems, bring you and your loved ones peace, success and prosperity. JAI RAM JI KI “