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Body shaming destroyed a hundred careers in showbiz industry: Cosmetologist Dr. Monica Kapoor!

Dr Monica Kapoor

Ever since social media became a bridge between celebrities and their fans, the pressure to look desirable increased manifold.

To be the audience’s favourite and avoid getting trolled, stars resort to healthy diets, supplements, exercise, and sometimes even surgeries and cosmetic treatments. Though most of the times it works, there have been incidences where their choices fell flat, giving birth to a hundred new memes and jokes on social media.

Dr Monica Kapoor

Referring to these ruthless trollers and how their activities result in serious damage to the lives and careers of these celebrities, Dr Monica Kapoor says, “Trolling definitely affects the person, sometimes even making them mentally disturbed. Past incidences are evident how body shaming and slamming destroyed careers of a number of celebrities including Fardeen Khan, Ayesha Takia, Rakhi Sawant, and others. My only advice to avoid getting trolled is to come out openly and talk about any change that you have done to your body.”

Dr Kapoor, who has been in the business of beautifying celebs since a long time, feels that there is no point in denying the cosmetic treatments you have undergone. Celebs should start accepting the option of cosmetic improvement openly and shut off the trolls by giving a befitting reply as it’s an individual choice. “Even a single minor change is noticeable by the fans. So just be proud of your choices and go for it,” she adds.

She also advises celebrities to be conscious of what they post on social media. “Post and review every picture and comment that you share. There are people with different agendas – waiting to find one chance to spoil your reputation and troll you. In this case, you need to play safe and be ready for whatever comes your way,” says Dr. Monica Kapoor.

To the general public, Dr Monica requests to be a little more sensitive and compassionate while writing comments on celebrities’ walls. “You never know one of your wrong comments might change or disrupts their career and life,” she concludes.

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