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Kathor is A simple and sensitive movie:  -Lalit Parimoo

Kathor is A simple and sensitive movie:  -Lalit Parimoo

Mumbai, 15 Jun 2018: Under the banner of Shri Balaji Global Films, the writer-director Karan Kashyap is bringing his upcoming film “Kathor” whose trailer has launched today at a suburban restaurant The View, Mumbai with much fanfare.

The event is attended by the lead actor Lalit Parimoo, Director Karan Kashyap and producer Ravi Shukla along with actors Abhishek Pandey, Durga Sarkar and Akhilesh Pandey.

Lalit Parimoo, Sheetal Dimri, Abhishek Pandey, Durga Sarkar and Akhilesh Pandey are in the leads.

Kathor is a story of a constable (Neelkanth) whose duty is to feed the prisoner of Bilaspur Central Jail. He is soft hearted and has never raised his voice or hurt anyone inspite of being in the police. He has a small and loving family, wife Jyoti and his lifeline, his daughter Anu. Anu got engaged and he was taking care of her smallest whims and fancies. One day she stubbornly requests him to take her to the town she could freely roam around and purchase for her wedding.

But all of a sudden the Naxalite group attacked the village which causes the demise of Anu.This incident has broken Neelkanth from the core and after a lot of counseling, he rejoins his duty. He is shocked and his turmoil begins when he, not only comes across Padam, the Naxalite who killed Anu, but he has to feed him too everyday.

It is a great challenge for him to control his anger and anguish while feeding the devil himself. He curtails his fatherly instincts to avenge Anu’s death and allows his sense of duty to win for a while. Padam also knows that he had killed Neelkanth’s daughter. When his wife Jyoti comes to know that he is feeding Anu’s killer, she gets into a rage and almost abandon’s him. The story takes a harsh turn….who is more KATHOR? We will need to find out at the theatres.

Kathor is a drama film whose music, lyrics and background score is given by Vishnu Vikram. The Cinematography is done by Dayashankar Singh and editing by Darshan Chothani. The Action sequel is given by Kripashankar Singh. The shooting is completed in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh and the film will hit the theatre on 31st August 2018.

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