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Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Why the controversy started in Ayodhya “Pran Pratishtha” understand from world famous astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap

astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap on Ayodhya Ram Mandir

According to religious texts, ”Pran Pratishtha” is considered prohibited until a temple is completely constructed. This is considered inauspicious, and the gods are angry. The construction work of Lord Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya has not been completed yet and the consecration ceremony of Lord Shri Ram is going to be held in Ayodhya on 22nd January.There is a lot of difference of opinion being seen between the Sant Samaj and political parties regarding this ceremony and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is embroiled in controversies. Before the protest of Sant Samaj, world famous astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap had hinted in 2019 that due to the consecration of Lord Shri Ram’s life in Ayodhya, bad times may begin for PMO Shri Narendra Modi.

World famous astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap can foresee possible events in advance in her dreams. Whatever she sees in her dream, she shares it on her social media and later that incident proves to be true. On the night of ‘January 1, 2024’, Atlanta Kaashhyap saw a dream about the ” Pran Pratishtha” of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya.
According to Atlanta Kashyap, she had no knowledge about the incomplete Shri Ram Temple. According to her dream, a beautiful mother was crying a lot. Mother also means “Dhartee Mata”. Who was the “Karak” of Shri Ram in Treta Yuga? In that era, ” Dhartee Mata” had taken the incarnation of horse and cow for Shri Ram. The unbelievable thing is that, before her dream no one was against the consecration of Shri Ram Lala Mandir. But after three days of her dream, the Sant Samaj and the four Shankaracharyas started protesting.

Shankaracharya Nischalanand Swami of Govardhan Math said in a recent interview to a channel, “Right now the consecration is not being done in Ayodhya as per the scriptures, so it is not appropriate for me to go there.”It is written in the Puranas that the idol of the deity It is revered only when it is done as per the scriptures. If this is not done properly then the Gods and Goddesses become angry. This is not a joke. Only if it is done properly, the glory of the deity is good for everyone, otherwise it becomes explosive. “Pran Pratishtha” should be organized after the complete construction of the temple.

Let us tell you that this reaction of the Sant Samaj and the four Shankaracharyas has come three days after the dream of world famous astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap regarding the “Pran Pratishtha” in Ayodhya.According to the astrological analysis of Atlanta Kaashhyap, bad times are about to come for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to Atlanta Kaashhyap, Shani, Rahu and Ketu (Karaka of Moksha) are related to each other. Rahu is a silent planet, but the yoga is being formed such that Rahu itself is attacking the left hand from the right hand.If any number gets entangled with the seven power then the seven power can cause huge damage to the next power. In which there will be a combination of health related problems, mental problems and pain. Therefore, bad times are going to come for Modi ji. Circumstances have entangled them with number 7 (Ketu) energy. Therefore their bad times may begin.

Till now, no future prediction of world famous astrologer Atlanta Kashyap has failed. She is also conducting telepathic conversations between aliens. She had predicted many years ago that in future India would be number one in the whole world.However, all four Shankaracharyas are not attending the” Pran Pratishtha” ceremony of Lord Shri Ram. According to religious scriptures, if the life is not consecrated properly, instead of the deity, ghosts, ghosts, vampires, betals etc. dominate the idol. His worship also has inauspicious results.