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Kangana Ranauts EMPOWERING message for Women is a MUST READ

Kangana Ranauts EMPOWERING message for Women is a MUST READ

‘Dear women, don’t be scared of greatness and of each other.’ struck a chord with Kangana as soon as she read it. She says that women should be empowered by women themselves and not by men. The society which assumes that women have been raising their voices to seek attention should only give attention to those women and not abuse.

Previously she has also stood up for her contemporaries like Priyanka, Sonam, Vidya to name a few quoting, “All my girls are just amazing. We are so thick. We don’t discuss our personal lives, like nobody ever questioned me, ‘What happened?’, but all I get is calls, lots of love and concern. Everybody has called me and asked me, whether it’s Priyanka, Vidya or Sonam. A lot of men have responded too…” as Kangana said in an interview.

In an interview at the Rising India Summit, Kangana spoke in support of Swara Bhaskar who was trolled for having stated an opinion on how women are zeroed down to their vaginas. In support, Kangana quickly expelled that our society instead of tucking women back up in their shell should create a space where women don’t feel conscious to speak their minds. Kangana is of the opinion that women lack the sense of unity amongst themselves and it’s high time that we change the scenario. Young girls should be inculcated with the true definition of beauty and not what the world outside has termed it to be.

A woman is the origin of a being and she should be respected for the same. Kangana further went on to say that girl love must be enunciated far widely in our sense of living and in that way we women will find ourselves in a world indestructible and safe to us. Girl for girl needs to be practiced on a large scale.

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