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Happy Family Day for Sajid Nadiadwala & his employees

Happy Family Day for Sajid Nadiadwala

Everyone around the globe has been celebrating the family day in their own ways during this lockdown. Film-maker Sajid Nadiadwala gathered his family together on a group video call to wish them a Happy Family Day! The family that we’re talking about is his work family. Sajid Nadiadwala along with Warda Nadiadwala got this group video call arranged not just to speak to their employees but their respective families too!

Sajid shared, “It is well being of both mental and physical help of each and everyone that matters and Warda and I personally wanted to interact with our family at work and their respective families just to have an interaction with everyone that is in some way associated to NGE because that’s what I believe in. All of us need to believe in the strength of togetherness in these gloomy times. Also, I feel talking to one another once in a while without work definitely is therapeutic, and which is why I would request everyone to stay home and make the most of it.”

According to a source, Sajid has promised to not remove any of the employees and not just this but he is also financially taking care of 400 daily wage earners like spot boys, light-men, and other industry workers. As he feels this is the time where we need to support one another and that’s why he has decided to continue everyone’s salaries too! He feels that’s what family means!

Sajid & Warda spoke to their employees today from various departments & the call was to ensure everyone’s well being and chit-chatting that ended up in a long cheerful conversation and exchanging of entertaining quarantine stories along with some current information sharing by the filmmaker! It is indeed endearing to watch the man and his family’s spirits.