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GANGS OF PURI – On Kanccha Lannka Streaming from 24th June

GANGS OF PURI – On Kanccha Lannka Streaming from 24th June

Kanccha Lannka, Odisha’s premium OTT platform, is set to stream globally the year’s most-awaited web series — Gangs of Puri — on 24 June 2022. This is a big-budget and highly engaging entertainment content from the growing Odia OTT platform.

Gangs of Puri. The name says it all. The holy town of Puri is known for its pilgrimage and serene coastline. But in the weakest part of it, there are gangs who try to control the city for their own benefit. Legally and Illegally, Holiness and Un-holiness…both co-exist in the series.

Gangs of Puri is an action-packed saga that traces the journey of the crime cartel in the bylanes of Puri involving greedy land mafias, shrewd politicians, and cold-blooded gangsters in rivalry and fight for dominance. Here Politicians control the gangsters and Violence is considered normal. The politicians use the gangsters for their own benefits and when it suits them, they make Compromise between the gangs. But everyone doesn’t accept Compromise. It’s not only about controlling Puri, but about getting Revenge; Blood for blood is the only way for them.

This series not only focuses on the gangsters but also on the very popular Puri Lingo (Local boli), Culture and Atmosphere of the holy town. The series has all the elements of  Puri.Bhanga, Pangata, Abhada, Ragapani, Pokharipani, Jaga ghara, Akhada, Kusthi etc. One can totally get a feel of Puri while watching the series.

The series begins with a Bengali hotelier, who approaches the local MLA, Raja Bahinipati, with a proposal to set up a hotel in the fisherman’s village by displacing the locals. But their plan comes to a stand-off when they find out that the place comes under the so-called ‘ jurisdiction’ of the local Sahi crime lord aka Robinhood of Puri, Babu Jena. This ignites an age-old rivalry and soon, a bloody feud breaks out between local gangs of Babu Jena, Nilu, and Loka Nana.

The sacred temple town of Puri inevitably turns into a bloody battlefield.

Amid the local tussles, a regular Puri guy, Shiva, accidentally gets involved in the affairs of the underworld and rises to prominence as the new ‘Nana’. But he soon realises that in order to be the ‘Nana’ (don), you have to take a ‘Dana’ (bullet).

Gangs of Puri is produced by Technoart Productionz, the digital wing of Amiya Patnaik Productions. From big-ticket blockbusters to national award-winning films, Amiya Patnaik Productions is a brand known to each and every household in Odisha. TechnoArt Productionz is now helmed by Anupam Patnaik and Barsha Patnaik, the showrunners of the series.

Gangs of Puri stars Krishna Kar, Aman, Choudhury Jayprakash Das, Hara Rath, Rabi Mishra, Ankita Mohanty, Bhakti, Pranab Rath, Udit Guru and several other talented actors.

The series has been directed by Anupam Patnaik and Jagdish Mishra. The dynamic duo is confident that this series will set the bar high in the Odia entertainment industry. They have been working on the production of this series for the past 2 years as a lot of research and planning were required to execute this series. The series has been shot in and around real locations of Puri and Bhubaneswar and a lot of effort has been given to the production design for that authentic look and feel.

The cinematography has been done by ace cinematographer Deepak Kumar. Pranab Rath, Amit Dash and Jagdish Mishra have written the story while Ashish Pradhan has handled the background score and the music. The sound design has been done by Shakti Swaroop Dwibedy while the sync sound has been done by Chandrasekhar Sharma. The series has been slickly edited by Rashmi Ranjan Dash.

“This series is based on a crime story that gives fresh insight into gangster life. I feel this is the sort of content that the Odia entertainment industry needs to explore more, and I am glad that Kanccha Lannka is catering to this demand so well,” said Akshay Kumar Parija, co-founder and chairman of Kanccha Lannka. “The series pushes the envelope in terms of quality of cinematic storytelling and narrative techniques. True to the promise, the platform continues to dish out novel content for Odia entertainment lovers.” Mr Parija further added.

The Series will be streamed on Kanccha Lannka from 24th June and hope the Viewers will like it.