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Consequence Karma won Best Feature Film Award in the Prestigious ‘5th Bharat International Film Festival’

Consequence Karma won Best Feature Film Award in the Prestigious ‘5th Bharat International Film Festival’

Writer – Director Shadab Ahmad’s Consequence Karma got one more award in the kitty

The year 2023 began with a bang for Writer-Director Shadab Ahmad as his debut feature film won yet again in another film festival. Consequence Karma competed among 650 films from 21 countries submitted to the festival. The award distribution ceremony was recently held in Mumbai. Shadab Ahmad’s Consequence: Karma is on the winning streak as it has already won more than a dozen awards in various international film festivals around the globe. It is his first feature length film as a writer & director and has already got him ‘Best Debut Director Award’ in last year’s ‘Jharkhand International Film Festival’.

Writer-Director Shadab Ahmad, who left his lucrative job of merchant navy officer to try his luck in the film industry, believes that the entirety of a person’s actions, good & bad, directly affect their future. He infused the ideals of Karma with Garuda-Purana, which depicts the punishments of crimes in detail among other things, and wrote the Mytho-mixed modern drama-thriller story of the film.

Consequence: Karma is based on an Indian mythological character reimagined in the modern world during the Lockdown of Corona pandemic. The Mythological connection is made through the stories from Ramayana & Mahabharata and ‘The Flashbacks’ are shown in a uniquely different way that has never been seen before.

In his film, the main character Kusum, an artist and art lecturer, has to perform Ram Navami Pooja on 2nd of April 2020 at any cost and sets out to find a Pandit during the strict Lockdown. In the pursuit, Kusum brings a strange and peculiar Pandit to her home. Soon! They are joined by various characters for the ceremony. The twisted views, acts & behaviors of those people are revealed by the time the Pooja completes successfully. And as the film reaches its climax, it is revealed that the Pandit is actually a mythological character who was doing a lot more in addition to Pooja at Kusum’s house with the help of his hidden powers which affects the attendees according to their Karma.

The film was completed in 2021 and got its very first preview in Mumbai’s Famous Preview theatre ‘Sunny Super Sound’ in Juhu. The preview was attended by famous Bollywood Film critics Komal Nahta & Prashant Shishodiya, Writer-Director Faraz Haider, Actors Inaamulhaq & Sanjay Gandhi and Singer Raja Hasan among others along with the film’s cast & crew. Both the critics & other attendees praised the film and the positive response from them gave an energy to the filmmakers and they decided to submit it to film festivals globally.

During the media interview in the award ceremony, Shadab Ahmad said that such film festivals are the need of the present time as they appreciate independent filmmakers such as himself by becoming the pillars for them. This much needed motivation lifts up their spirits and gives them courage to move in the right direction to craft bona fide films with their heart in the right place.