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Bollywood Couch In Conversation with Rahul Bose on North East and its Talent.

Rahul Bose on North East

Bollywood Couch Founder Jutika Mahanta In Conversation with Rahul Bose on North East and its Talent.

Versatile actor Rahul Bose doesn’t need any introduction to our readers. Many might have seen him on the silver screen while watching popular films like Jhankar Beats, Mr & Mrs. Iyer, Chameli, 15 Park Avenue, Dil Dhadak Ne Do, etc.

We North Eastern are blessed to have unique features, what is your take on it? Do you consider it an advantage or a limitation?

RB- Ohh it’s a very difficult question that you asked Jutika.

Everybody is born with a certain kind of facial ethnicity. This ethnicity works sometimes in your advantage. As an actor, if you don’t look like the character, it will go against you. For example, it will be very difficult for me to look like an Adivasi farmer in Telangana. So this thing works towards your advantage or against you depending on the situation. I might look like a foreigner in North East. I might look like an alien in China and that might work to my advantage or disadvantage

In short, there is no single answer to your question Jutika. There are many answers to this depending on what situation you are!

Have you ever been to Assam or North East?

RB- Of course I did.

My Foundation is there, which is working towards educating children in Manipur. I have been more than 20 times to Manipur right up-to Ukrul. We have been working there in every single district – of all 10 districts of Manipur.

Assam I have been to Guwahati. How can I not visit Kamakhya when I am there in Assam? I have been to Assam at least 3-4- times.

I have been to Shillong, I have shot a film in Shillong called Sishur Kobita. So in Meghalaya, I have stayed there for a month.

I went all the way to Cherapunji and came back.

Nagaland I am yet to visit.

Sikkim I have shot 3 films so far. Anuranan, Poorna the other film I forgot the name now. I have spent a long time in Sikkim.

Mizoram I have not been.

Arunachal I have not been again.

Tripura I am yet to visit

It’s so good to know that you know all the states of North East by names. People find it difficult to remember and hence they rather club it all as North East

RB: No No..I do remember all the states of North East.

If others are finding it a task to remember then it will be highly disrespectful to the states of NE.

I remember all the states of India.

If I can remember Andaman, Goa or Lakshadweep why can’t I remember the states of North East?

Any message you would like to give to the aspiring actors of Assam or North East?

RB- Absolutely

There is space for everybody in the creative field.

Your face will have to suit the role

There is no active favoring bias in the industry

It is always what will serve the script the best

So in that respect, there are many actors, who have surmounted their ethnicity and worked beyond. ‘

Danny Dengzongpa is one of that person.

Adil Hussain is there.

Seema Biswas is there.

They have al created there respectful position in the industry.

If you have the talent you need not worry.

There is a trend among youngsters; they don’t want to invest time on learning things. They don’t feel the need for learning Acting- they feel it’s an easy job to pursue. What would be your piece of advice to those?

RB: I would recommend every actor who wants to work in Cinema should work on Stage.  Stage teaches you discipline, it teaches you to do hard work. It teaches you to have the solid temperament to work under pressure – the audience is watching you straight from there.

It teaches you to look up to your body- to understand your body, to understand your voice

It motivates you.

It’s a good training ground for all aspiring actors

Any message for all your fans in Assam and North East?

Well, I have been to four (4) states of North East and 4 more to go

I want to visit all 8 states of North East.

In 2018 I will be there to see you all out there.

Thank you so much for taking out time from your shoot to speak to us and we will be happy to see you doing more good work in North East

RB: Thank you for coming here Jutika. It’s pleasant talking to you and Bollywood Couch.

My love to all.

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