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Arko announces his upcoming music single “Sutta” with Jaan Kumar Sanu! Check out the poster now

Arko music single "Sutta" with Jaan Kumar Sanu poster

Arko says, “Sutta is out of my comfort zone, it’s RnB, quirky & fun, but with a message” as he announces his upcoming music single with Jaan Kumar Sanu

After making a mark in Bollywood with Jism 2, it has been a journey of one soulful chartbuster after another for singer and composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee. The doctor-turned-musician’s songs have a permanent place in the playlists of music lovers, and now, many years after his club hit Paani wala Dance, this talented artist is back with a new peppy RnB single, “Sutta.”

Nazm Nazm, O Saathi, Dariya, Tere Sang Yaara, Teri Mitti — Arko Pravo Mukherjee’s soulful compositions have always struck a chord with the listeners. Now, after delivering several hit songs, Arko is back with yet another music single along with Jaan Kumar Sanu & newcomer Ravleen. Expressing his excitement on the same, the celebrated musician says, “I am very thankful to the audience for being so kind to me since my debut in Jism 2. Most of my films, maximum of my songs, the audience has given so much love, from Jism 2 & Yaariyan to Teri Mitti & O Desh Mere and now Kora Sa Chehra, and most of it is soulful music, so my fans, well-wishers, and the audience have associated me with soulful, romantic, emotional, and patriotic music. But in this case, we are having fun, we are taking a departure, and this is out of my comfort zone. This is a new kind of RnB sound, a new vibe altogether, and it’s witty with a message, but in a totally fun way. So I hope today’s youth who are so aware as they have everything in their phone, in a click of a button, I hope this connects with them”

Taking to Instagram, Arko treated fans to a new announcement and unveiled the poster for Sutta, featuring him, Jaan, and Riya Roy. In the poster, Arko is dressed in a black T-shirt topped with a white fur coat. Jaan Sanu was seen in brown attire. As soon as they announced the collaboration, fans started expressing their excitement in the comment section.

Check out the poster now,

We can’t wait to witness the magic of Arko, can you?