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Tanuj Virwani’s Health Routine: 5 Takeaways from the Inside Edge actor’s diet and workout

Tanuj Virwani's Health Routine

Tanuj Virwani is someone who knows how to sort his priorities right. He gives it his all to anything and everything that’s directly related to his work and no wonder, he’s getting tremendous success as an artiste in today’s time. While we all know about his acting chops and the kind of potential and mettle that he’s blessed with, not many perhaps realize how dedicated he is towards his fitness level on a regular basis despite having a jam-packed schedule. Time and again, Tanuj has given his fans a sneak-peek into his fitness routine and we loved every bit of it. So today, we are here to share with you all certain important takeaways that you all must notice and take inspiration from when it comes to Tanuj Virwani’s fitness level. Here you go –

1) Consistency & Discipline Is The Key: One of Tanuj’s greatest strengths as an artiste has to be the fact that he’s incredibly disciplined and believes in the concept of repeated efforts and consistency without having any iota of lackadaisical approach. No matter how occupied you are in your schedule, you can’t take your fitness for granted and some sweating needs to be done there at the gym.

2) Mixing strength-training with cardiovascular exercises: Tanuj has got a really sculpted and well-ripped physique with almost negligible percentage of body fat and one of the biggest reasons behind that is that he keeps a nice blend of strength-training and cardiovascular exercises. Apart from all this, he also indulges in outdoor activities and his love for cricket is known to all. He plays a lot of cricket which involves a lot of running around as well and that certainly does wonders to his fitness level as well. All these factors give his physique the perfect balance and structure that’s desirable.

3) Balanced Quantity Intake: Tanuj doesn’t believe in eating too much all at once. Instead, he prefers the ideal way of eating in balanced and required proportions in between frequent intervals and to add to that, he also indulges in intermittent fasting to monitor his calorie intake and understand how his body is reacting to certain food elements. At the end of the day, you can have the best trainers around but there’s nothing better than self-monitoring.

4) Hydration: Tanuj drinks plenty of water throughout the day and that entirely takes care of his hydration. It not only keeps him healthy and energized throughout the day but also improves his digestive function.

5) Fibre-rich fruit: Tanuj balances his diet primarily with protein, fibres and very limited but good carbs. So, his diet intake naturally includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

To cut things short, Tanuj Virwani is someone who takes care of the basics perfectly and that’s what is needed in today’s time of hustle and bustle where staying healthy and fresh is indeed the key for greater success. Here’s hoping and wishing that Tanuj continues to inspire everyone with his fitness quotient and positive attitude towards life and work. Stay tuned for more updates.